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Federal Department of Agricultural Extension

Management Information System


The Federal Department of Agricultural Extension (FDAE) was established in December, 2012 to provide leadership, coordination, quality control and assurance for overall effective delivery of agricultural extension services in Nigeria. Its strategy is to partner with actors and stakeholders in the national agricultural extension system to provide efficient services in a complementary and mutually reinforcing manner to increase the productivity of agriculture and livelihood standards of farmers in Nigeria.

The Mandate of the Department is to motivate and support farmers in adopting improved seed based production (crops, livestock and fisheries) to increase farmers’ productivity, meet national consumption requirements, maximize export and minimize import as well as sustainable agricultural development; and to provide channels for service and information delivery to all stakeholders in the commodity value chains across gender considerations;

The Mission is to provide a pragmatic, effective and efficient demand driven extension service to all categories of farmers including youths and women, to optimally use resources to promote sustainable agricultural and socio-economic development of the country; and

The Goal is to encourage the various partners and agencies within the national agricultural extension system to provide efficient and effective services which complement one another, in an effort to increase the efficiency and productivity of agriculture in Nigeria.

The mandate of the Department is effectively driven by its Divisions - Technology Innovation and Advisory Services; Youth and Gender; Field Extension Services, and e-Extension & Communication; and an additional task of coordinating The Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprise Programme.

The FDAE-MIS implementation is to provide the needed information on crops and livestock production, markets, input, technology, projects, extension agents’ data and other relevant information that will support effective planning. Most of the information is provided through our extension partners at the state level, the Agricultural Development Projects in the 36 States of Nigeria and the FCT.

Crop Data Management

Crops productivity data, collected through the ADPs’ record of production surveys, included Crop Type, Number of farmers involved in production, Average Yield, Area Cultivated and Total Output.

This information will help in determining the performance of each crop across the States both in wet and dry season operations. The data will support planning and intervention needs of each of the value chains.

Livestock Data Management

Livestock data includes Types, Breeds, Number of Livestock Farmers involved in the value chain, Opening Stock, Closing Stock and Year of Operation.

This will help the Federal Department of Agricultural Extension in planning support for Livestock Extension in Nigeria.

Dairy production

Market Price Data Management

The Market Price data is to compare prices of commodities across the states.

The data is collected in Crop Name, Month, Unit of Measurement and Price.

Intervention Projects carried out by the Federal Department of Agricultural Extension, to stimulate economic activities of the rural farmers and enhance their livelihoods.

Extension Agents Data Management

The Extension Agents data are information of existing frontline extension agents and their locations in each of the State ADPs. The gaps created by retiring extension agents has been noticeable in the national agricultural extension delivery system.

The information provided in this database will help in determining the type of actions for increasing the number of extension agents or to further intensify other means of extension technology dissemination to farmers.